Springtime is almost here & now is the time to get your boat ready for the 2014 boating season.  
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   Dewinterize Icemaker(s) - $25 Labor only per  
   Dewinterize engine(s) - $95 Labor only per engine  
   Dewinterize Generator - $50 Labor only  
   Dewinterize Fresh Water Systems - $50 Labor only  
   Dewinterize Waste Systems(s) - $50 Labor only per  
   Dewinterize PWC - $65 Labor only  
   Change Transmission Oil - $95 Labor only per engine  
   Full Drive Service - $190 Labor only  
   Change Generator Oil & Filter - $95 Labor only  
  Change Engine Oil & Filter - $95 Labor only  
  Service Call - $65 Labor only  
  Dewinterize AC System - $50 Labor only  
  * Prices don't included parts  
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